Coat of Arms

OR = Gold: For Generosity, Valour or Perseverance

ARGENT = Silver: for Peace, Serenity & Nobility

GULES = Red: for Fortitude & Creative Power

VERT = Green: for Hope & Joy, Vitality & Plenty

SABLE = Black: for Repentance & Vengeance

AZURE = Blue: for Loyalty & Splendour

ARMS: Argent (Silver/White) background on a chevron Azure (blue) between three owls, quadrant sable (black) three hazel branches slipped on Or (yellow).          
CREST: A squirrel, seated, charged with three round holes eating a branch of Vert (green) hazel tree.  (The arms are recorded in: Bolton’s American Armory /)

Most descendants of British families are in possession of a family Coat of Arms passed from generation to generation.   Today it seems fashionable to be able to produce one, but the validity of some of these is to be questioned.

The authenticity of the Coat of Arms is still dubious and more research is imperative.

The adoption of an improper Coat of Arms is regarded as dishonourable, as noted in the Heraldic Register of America Vol. 1 Revised (Editor Dr David Pittmann Johnson):

“A Coat of Arms” is usually granted, certified, registered or otherwise recognized as belonging to one individual alone, and that only his direct descendants with proven lineage can be recognized as eligible to inherit the Arms.

It is highly inappropriate for one to locate the Arms of another person sharing the same surname, and to simply adopt and use these Arms as one’s own.

The notorious ‘coat of arms’ for any name whatever purchasable by mail order, etc, represents no more than improper and illegitimate armorial bearings.  To claim for oneself a direct kinship which has only the most remote possibility of validity, is totally dishonourable.


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