1897 Joseph Hazelhurst

Parents Joseph & Adela Charlotte Hazelhurst

Born 22 July 1897 Wakkerstroom. 

Died 1950 in Worcester

Moved to Worcester, Cape Colony, Operated an Estate Agency.  Known as Joey


Engela Faure born 17 April 1884 in Worcester, her birth place. They had met in Belfast where she was a school teacher, and Joey had come from Rhodesia, where he had worked on a court case.

Moved to Cullinan Premier Mine, Pretoria.  Employed at the Native Affairs Department.

In 1921 The mine closed down, and they returned to Worcester. Joey became manager of African Mutual Trust, which later became Boland Board of Executives.  He was the brain child of Boland Bank, but never lived to see his plans and ideas fulfilled.

Children born to Joseph & Engela Hazelhurst

  1. Alma born July 1915
  2. D’Este Noleen born 14 October 1920
1915 Alma

1st child Alma 1915

Born July 1915.  Died 5 May 2001


Petrus Malherbe

Children born to Alma and Petrus Malherbe

  1. Engela Malherbe
  2. Alette Malherbe
  3. Joseph Malherbe
1920 d'Éste Noleen

2nd child D’Este Noleen 1920

Born 14 October 1920 Died 7 April 1971


 24 April 1942 Douglas Sargent

Children born to D’Estie & Douglas Sargent

  1. Michael Sargent born 11 March 1945
  2. Geoffrey Sargent
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