1868 James Hazelhurst

1868 James Hazelhurst

Parents Edward & Anne Hazelhurst

Born 14 April 1868 in Utrecht, district of Pongola.

Schooled in Wakkerstroom. Known as Jim. Died 1 July 1916 in Bulawayo.

  • 1881: Participated in the defense of Wakkerstroom during the Boer war and joined the Boer filibuster expedition into Zululand 1884.
  • 1886: Left for Barberton on being appointed Post Master of Zoutpansberg. He organized mail during the Boer expedition against Mapoch and Magaiba.
  • 1894-1899: Became Postmaster of Heidelberg in 1896, Accountant at the General Post Office in Johannesburg.
  • 1899: Transferred to Rhodesia as a Manager of Sales for Zeederberg’s Gwelo. 
  • 1900: Organised Transport for Carrington’s Forces from Marundellas to Bulaway.
  • 1901-1903: Selukwe.
  • 1904-1911: member of Village Licensing-and School Boards.

He was a keen hunter.  James, was a successful athlete.  He was a member of the Zoutpansberg Wanderers Club. 

In a newspaper report it was written “In we have an example of the grand physical development”….. “He is a thoroughly, good, all-round man, and his feats were the more creditable (because he had previously been very ill with malaria)



7 August 1895 to Anne Sophia Albasini born 10 June 1874.  In the N.H.Kerk, Soutpansberg.  She was the daughter of Joan Albasini.

Children born to James and Anne Hazelhurst
  1. Agnes Wickfield Hazelhurst born 16 April 1896
  2. Kathleen Hazelhurst born 11 October 1898
  3. James Bosum Hazelhurst born 5 February 1901. Died 7 January 1935 



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