1867 William Colin Hazelhurst

Parents Edward & Anne Hazelhurst

Born 1867.

Known to his family as Willy, he lived in Johannesburg .

Willy was an athletic guy and was well known at the Wanderer’s Athletic Club.

He excelled in high jump and long distance races, and he was an excellent bowler in the game of cricket.


Willy married Agnes Evelyn Wiseman, daughter of Mr & Mrs J Hepburn Wiseman.  

They were married in Johannesburg.  

The bride was assisted by her two sisters and Miss Grace Hazelhurst, sister of the groom.  Agnes died aged 37 years

Child born to William & Agnes

  1. William Colin born 1906


To Miss Poole

Children born to William & (Miss) Poole Hazelhurst

  1. Gloria Helen Hazelhurst
  2. Jill Hazelhurst
  3. Lucy Hazelhurst


1906 William Colin Hazelhurst – Son of William and Agnes

MARRIAGE to Ivy Elaine Hazelhurst, his cousin, born 16 May 1908 , died 1981, her Parents Joseph and Adela Charlotte Hazelhurst

Children born to William Colin & Ivy Elaine 

  1. Nola born 15 November 1938
  2. Colin born 1939 died 1981 in a car accident

1st Child Nola 1938

Born 15 November 1938.  Died 11 March 2003.

Nola had an excellent singing voice, and appeared at talent contests, and was heard on radio.


27 February 1960 Joseph Kombol.  Died 14 October 2000

Children born to Nola & Joseph Kombol

  1. Colin Kombol born 14 February 1961
  2. Paul Kombol born 13 June 1963
  3. David Kombol born 15 April 1965
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