1825 Edward Hazelhurst

Second Generation Children born to Edward & Anne Hazelhurst

Edward Hazelhurst

Edward Hazlehurst was born on 13 July 1825 in Birkenhead, England. 

He died on 18 April 1907 in Pretoria South Africa.

His family:

Father George, mother Clara, sister Mary, Hazehurst. 

His father was not a healthy man and died in 1832, when Edward was only seven years old.  From this sad situation, he was given the opportunity to be educated and was enrolled in Greenwich School, England, with the view to joining the Royal Navy as a cadet.

1840: Drafted into the Royal Navy in Liverpool, at the age of 15, where he served in the 45th Regiment aboard the H.M.S. Eurydice.

1843 – 1846: This ship did duty on the North American and West Indies stations, under the command of her first Captain, George Augustus Elliot, eldest son of the designer of the ship.

1846 – 1850: The Eurydice did duty at the South African Station in the Cape of Good Hope under the command of Captain Talavern Vernon.  It was during this commission that Edward left the Royal Navy.

Edward resigned from the Royal Navy in about 1844.  In 1847 he was the first person with the name Hazlehurst to be registered as a settler in South Africa. He was then 22 years old.

H.M.S. Eurydice
Table Mountain Cape Town

Edward Seeks Employment

Finding himself in a new country and having to make a new life for himself, he, initially, worked as a woodcutter/lumberjack.  He lived near the forests and saw mills in NATAL:  Boston, Pietermaritzburg, Zwartrivier and Woodside, Karkloof, and in the Government Forests in Kliprivier,  Drakensberg bush in the Oliviershoek area, Zwartkop Bush Saw mills, and Boston Saw mills, north of Pietermaritzburg, where he later had a share.

From the cold weather of England, then the life aboard ship in an ocean of sea, he now had to acclimatize to warm weather, sunshine and lots of trees.

First Introduction to the Opposite Sex

He met Myna Booysen in 1850. They lived together and their first child, Ann Hazel, was born in 1852. A second child was born in 1857, but died an infant. Myna left Edward taking the child with her. Edward was summoned by a court order for financial support of Ann Hazel in 1858.  A sad ending to what promised to be a beautiful future. 

Anne Holgate 1843

Second romantic encounter with a Lady 1858. Edward married Anne Holgate, on 21 March 1858 in the Cathedral Church, Parish of St Peter, in Pietermaritzburg, Natal. She was 15 years old when they got married and in their marriage they had 11 children.

Anne Holgate Born 1843 in Cork, Ireland.

Her father: Joseph Benjamin Holgate was the son of the Reverend Benjamin Holgate of Burnley, Lancashire, England.  Joseph B. Holgate born in 1814 in England, and died in Barberton on 17 August 1889, at the age of 75 years.

Her mother: Mary Holgate, born in Dublin, Ireland, on 10 March 1821. Died in Barberton on 26 April 1895 at the age of 74 years.

The Holgate family came to South Africa aboard the ship, “Emerald Isle”. It docked in Port Natal in 1843.  Mrs Mary Holgate was the first European Lady to perform the ceremony of hoisting the British Ensign at Fort Napier.  She became well-known in the Colony of Natal, where they lived in Pietermaritzburg.  They had eight children, so when Edward and Anne married Edward gained a Father, a Mother, a wife and seven brothers and sisters.

1st born, George, July 1858, named after his grandfather George Hazlehurst in England, was born in Boston near Pietermaritzburg, in Natal, South Africa.  He died in infancy before he was one year old, on 23 May 1859.

Edward journeys in South Africa

  • 1847 Arrived in Port Natal
  • 1850 Lived in Pietermaritzburg
  • 1864 Opened an accommodation house in the Howick area.
  • 1867 The family moved to Pongola.
  • 1868 Moved to Marthinus Wesselstroom, later renamed Wakkerstroom.  The town of Marthinus Wesselstroom had been officially established on 6 November 1859.

When the Hazelhurst family arrived in Marthinus Wesselstroom (Wakkerstroom) the town was only eight years old.  According to legend, it had four Hartebeest houses, the Magistrate’s residence, the prison and the coach house.

·        Joseph, was eight years old

·       Charles was about seven years old

·        George was five years old

·        Elijah was three years old

·        William was one year old

·         James was yet to be born.

1873 Edward began trading in the village in November 1873,

1873 Edward went to the diamond fields in Kimberley where he and Mr. Fenton opened an agency called “R Fenton & E. Hazelhurst”.  This temporary venture of prospecting for diamonds did not realise the expected great fortune and was closed.

1874 He was active in public affairs and even signed a petition to the magistrate on 2 January 1874.

1876 He opened the “Traveler’s Inn Hotel” in Market Street, later renamed van Riebeeck Street.  This venue became popular with people organising “get-togethers” or other meetings. It is said that when President Paul Kruger came to Wakkerstroom, Edward met him at the Hotel.

1878-1880          Anglo-Zulu war 1879.

Commanding the First Wakkerstroom Battalion of the WI, was field cornet PF Henderson. Other officers included Edward Hazelhurst of the Traveler’s Inn Hotel in Wakkerstroom, AMJ Laas, who had been prominent in negotiations with both Swazi and Zulu tribes, and LP Henderson (Google Military History Journal Volume 13 No3/2005) (Utrecht District and the Anglo Zulu War 1879). Edward held a commission as Captain in the Zulu War with the British Forces and he collaborated closely with Sir Evelyn Wood and Pieter Uys. He was in the battle of Isandhlwana.

1890 He was an active member of St Mark’s Church, and served on the Building Committee.

He was well-known and highly respected in Natal and in the Transvaal.

Edward and family lived in Wakkerstroom, often visited Barberton, and in his last days he and Anne lived in Pretoria with their daughter and son-in-law, Mary and Henry Rose-Innes. Their house was situated in Government Avenue (near the Union Buildings) in Pretoria. Edward had been shot in his leg the wound developed gangrene which was later amputated by Dr McKenzie.  One of his frequent visitors in Pretoria was Mr Findlay, an Attorney, who took one of the last photos we have of Edward. 

April 1907 –Edward died in Pretoria on 18 April 1907. Buried in the Church Street  Cemetery, Pretoria (block H row C No 63).  

Anne was 64 years old when Edward died.  She moved to Barberton to live with her daughter Emmah and son-in-law James Rose-Innes, until she died on 23 April 1911, and was buried in Barberton.


This silver lighthouse had been acquired by Edward at some stage in his life. He gave it to his grandson, John, born 1911, who in turn gave it to his daughter, d’Leane born 1946, who still has it in her possession.  


Back Row: Alice (1875) and Emmah (1873)

Front Row: Mary Elizabeth (1870) and Grace (1877)

Edward & Anne Marriage Certificate

Second Generation Children born to Edward and Anne Hazelhurst 

1.   George born 1858 died 1859

2.   Joseph born 1860

3.   Charles Edward born 1861

4.   George born 1863 died 1887

5.   Elijah born 1865

6.   William born 1867

7.   James born 1868

8.   Mary Elizabeth born 1870

9.   Emmah Liza born 1873

10.       Alice born 1875

11.       Grace born 1877


Anne & Edward

This amazing photo of Anne and Edward was given to us by Adela Sarah, they were her Grandparents!

Edward and daughter Emma
Elderly Anne
Anne's Grave
Elderly Edward
Edward's Grave

Time Line of Edward Hazlehurst

1825 1847 from birth to South Africa

1825 Edward born in Bidstone, Cheshire, England

1832 George, his father, Died.  Edward 7 years old

1832 Enrolled at school

1840 Edward joins the Royal Navy age 15 years old

1846 – 1850 Eurydice commissioned to South Africa.  Edward leaves the Navy

1846 –  Becomes a lumber jack in the forests of Natal.

1847 Edward registers as a settler in South Africa 22 years old

1847-1857 Natal

1850 Edward meets Myna, his first spouse in Pietermaritzburg.

1852 Ann born, 2nd child born in 1857

1857 Separated from Myna Second child dies

1857 Edward visited by missionaries


1858 Edward marries Anne Holgate 21 March 1858. Age 33 yrs

1843 Anne Holgate born. Married at 15 years old

1858 (1) George, 1st born and dies

1860 (2) Joseph Big Joe born

1861 (3) Edward Ned born

1863 (4) George (the 2nd born).

1864 Opened an accommodation house in Howick

1865 (5) Elijah born

1867 (6) William Willy born

1867 Family moved to Pongola

1868 (7) James Jim  born

1868 Family moved to Wakkerstroom


1870 (8) Mary born

1873 (9) Emmah born

(10 & 11) Alice & Grace born

1873 Edward started trading in Wakkerstroom

1873 Edward travelled to Kimberley – Diamonds!

1874 Edward gets involved in public affairs

1876 Edward opens Traveler’s Inn Hotel


1877 Wakkerstroom occupied by British Forces

1878 Edward, an officer in Wakkerstroom Battalion

1878 Eurydice Sank

1879 Edward held a commission as Captain in the Zulu War

1879 Anglo Zulu War


1880-1881 1st Anglo-Boer war -War of Independence. Won by the Boers

1887 George 4th child died age 24 years old

1890 Edward became a member of St. Mark’s Church


1899-1902 2nd Anglo-Boer War, won by the British Forces.

1902 Treaty of Vereeniging is signed

1907 Edward dies – Buried in Pretoria

1911 Anne dies – Buried in Barberton

1914 First World War declared


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