Edward Hazelhurst Registered as a citizen in 1847

Edward enlisted with the Royal Navy in Great Britain and was later stationed in South Africa at the Simonstown naval base in the Cape, South Africa. It is thought that on a journey around  the Natal coast he decided to leave the navy and seek his fortune in South Africa.

NOW AVAILABLE ..The 2nd edition of the Hazelhurst Family History

This coffee table edition of the Hazelhurst manuscript has been revised and edited by Dr Aubrey Hazelhurst.

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Family Photos

First generation hazelhurst family in South Africa
left: four daughters
middle: Anne Holgate (1843-1911)
Right: Edward (1825-1907)
Edward & Anne (later years)
Joseph (1860-1949)

Dr J A Hazelhurst known as Aubrey


The story of the Hazelhurst family, though relatively uneventful and not previously recorded, is interesting since the time that Edward Hazlehurst, left his family in Cheshire and the shores of England, and came to live in South Africa.

Families have the custom of giving their children traditional family names. In order to identify the individual, we have included the birth-year after their name. i.e. Edward 1825

It is with great gratitude to Dr J.A. Hazelhurst, better known As ”Aubrey” to friends, family and patients, for prompting him to record the history of the Hazelhurst family with particular reference to the South African members? Stories told by his late father, Joseph Joe 1910, grandfather, Charles Edward 1881, and great grandfather, Big Joe, 1860, had always fascinated him so at a time he decided that these must be written down and recorded in book form for the benefit of the family members interested in their ancestry.

What made it even more important was that his two sons left the shores of South Africa for New Zealand, and the male family line in South Africa is dwindling, compelled him to write down the history of the family in South Africa before it is lost forever.  His only regret was that he did not write down all the stories told to him.

This quest led Aubrey back to the British history of the Hazelhurst family which revealed interesting and fascinating information, taking him back in time to 1250 AD!

Many family members and friends assisted him, while others encouraged and inspired. It is impossible to name them all but he would like to thank everybody, mostly family members, who supplied anecdotes and stories which they knew.  Also the family letters, photographs and newspaper cuttings received.

Success of a project of this nature depends largely on the co-operation of those who know each branch of the family.  His thanks go to the genealogists for their valuable and expert contributions,

  • Shelagh O’Bryne-Spencer
  • Isabel Groesbeek
  • Jenny Duckworth
  • Mike Haselhurst

A special word of thanks to Mrs Sybil Hazelhurst who did a mammoth task to modify and stream-line the contents of this book. If this work inspires others who have new or additional information, he will be more than satisfied that the effort was worthwhile.

Dr J A Hazelhurst – email: littlejo@mweb.co.za

Aubrey has released the published version of his manuscript. Interested family can contact him direct for details.

Mr Gerald Hazelhurst, hosted the website until he passed away in September 2019 Hazelhurst.co.za. Email: Sybilhaz@gmail.com


Aubrey and Boggie Hazelhurst have decided to take up residence in their holiday home in Gordons Bay, Cape Town.  Interested parties can still contact him via email or cell.  We, in Pretoria, will miss having him around.

An amazing co-incidence?

In the far off country of New Zealand, two young guys compete in a school rowing competition.  They did not know that they were cousins until the announcement came for Mitchell Hazelhurst to be ready for the next race.  Joseph Hazelhurst wondered how they confused his name!

Mitchell is the son of AJ, who is the son of Gerald Hazelhurst, Pretoria.

Joseph is the son of Louis, who is the son of Aubrey Hazelhurst, Pretoria.

They met after the race and realised they were cousins!

Joseph and Mitchell Hazelhurst
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